DMXGEAR is a new kid on the block of men’s underwear brands! The label is based in the Czech Republic and has become quite famous in the Eastern parts of Europe over the last few years. DMXGEAR is the new addition to the brands we have on offer in our own men’s underwear store! What we absolutely love about this brand is how fresh it looks. Neon colours are combined with black and white to present contemporary colour ways that can be worn by anyone! At the same time we launched some of the brands sexiest styles made with mesh on the back and sides!

Lets have a closer look though at what the collection of the brand in Men and Underwear – The Shop consists of:

DMXGEAR Anatomically Fit Briefs

Two super bright and super fun briefs in two colourways (turquoise with pink and orange with black) are made to put a smile on your face every time you put them on. The colour combinations are uplifting and the styles are comfortable. The pouch is contoured to allow space where you need it the most and the waistband is sturdy, made to last. Have a look at the briefs from this collection below:

DMXGEAR Anatomically Fit Boxer Briefs

For the fans of boxer briefs we have the innovative boxer briefs of DMXGEAR Anatomically Fit collection in two classic, with a twist, colourways (white with neon orange detailing and black with neon yellow detailing). These boxer briefs have a pouch that is designed to keep the upper part flat while putting all the attention (and tension) to the lower part of the male anatomy. The pouch is contoured at the lowest point to allow space and accommodate the average guy. We love the way they amped up the classic colours with neon accents on the stitching and waistband. Have a look below:

DMXGEAR Anatomically Fit Jockstraps

Yes, we now have more jockstraps for you to choose from! The Anatomically Fit Jockstraps of DMXGEAR are available in two colours (dark grey with neon green waistband and blue with black waistband). These jocks have the pouch made from the same medium to lightweight fabric with the rest of the Anatomically Fit collection. The fabric is sporty and the waistband is sturdy so it withstands any activity no matter the intensity. Have a look at the items below:

DMXGEAR Sweet Mesh Briefs

These are the most sexy designs of the Eastern European brand made with mesh and solid fabrics combined. Available in red or black these seductive briefs will leave your side and back exposed while keeping your front part feeling cosy under a cotton made pouch. These are quite delicate and they look beautiful on. The waistband is soft and features the brand name centred and repeated in white lettering. Have a look at the two colours below:

DMXGEAR Sweet Mesh Boxer Briefs

Last but not least the sexy boxer briefs of the Sweet Mesh collection made with transparent and solid panels. These are also available in red or black featuring a design to show off your sides and back. Just like in the briefs, DMXGEAR paid much attention to your comfort and put a cotton made pouch. The pouch is contoured to allow space but single ply so it could show the lines of your manhood. These are also quite delicate so treat them with care. The waistband is soft and features the brand name centred and repeated in white lettering. Have a look at the two colour options below: