Monday, October 5, 2015

New Ripstop Nylon shorts by AMU

Irish brand AMU has just launched the Ripstop Nylon Shorts to its collection. These shorts are a versatile item which you can wear as sportswear over your underwear or as swimwear cover up. For the more adventurous among you this item can be worn also as underwear.
Ripstop Nylon is a fabric we very rarely see in underwear making. To give you an idea of what it looks like let us tell you that this type of fabric is used in parachutes and hot air balloons. It is really very resistant and extremely lightweight. It's slightly transparent with a touch of shine to it and has a silky feel to it.
These shorts are unlined and feature an elasticated waist. You can find them in two types of waistband, one covered and one exposed with the brand's logo centered at the front and four sizes (the brand has just added an XL size to their shorts collection). 
The model you see posing in the Ripstop Nylon Shorts by AMU is Stefan Kauffman, winner of "best model in underwear campaign" category in our last year's awards.
Enjoy the shots below and make sure you visit the AMU section at AlphaMaleUndies to see all the colours available and the rest of the innovative brand's collection.

AMU Ripstop Nylon shorts

AMU Ripstop Nylon shorts

AMU Ripstop Nylon shorts

AMU Ripstop Nylon shorts

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Brief Talk: Alexandr Mikhailov

Today we have the pleasure to Brief Talk with Alexandr Mikhailov. A young model with a great potential to take the world of modelling by storm. We have seen already in 2015 works of his with photographers Jeffery Beasley, Thomas Synnamon and Sean Gomez to name a few and they were all absolutely amazing. The young model seems to have a special ability to adapt to the needs of every shoot looking from extremely sexy to highly sophisticated and everything in between. Read below about his early life, his dreams and his career so far and learn what he looks for when buying underwear!

Alexandr Mikhailov by Jeffery Beasley

Name: Alexandr Mikhailov
From: Kazakhstan
Lives: New York, USA
Heritage: Russian

Instagram: @thealexandrmikhailov

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Alexandr, i was born in USSR (Soviet Union ). Moved to US about 5 years ago. I'm down to earth guy, I love sports, enjoying doing fitness weekends. I love extreme - skydiving, skiing at winter, fast cars and motorcycles. One of my favourite qualities, that I have, is my voice; it's very powerful and it matches my outgoing personality.

How did you get into modelling?
I've always had a passion for photography and enjoyed collecting great photos, but I was never in front of the camera myself- until one day I decided to give it a shot. One thing led to another and I found myself enjoying what I did- soon, modeling became my kryptonite!

Alexandr Mikhailov
Alexandr Mikhailov by Thomas Synnamon.

What's the best moment in your modelling career so far?
My best moment in my career so far has been meeting new people, photographers, and growing myself as a brand. The highlight was when I got to do a Cabin shooting upstate at a spectacular location, the view was unreal and the set crew was great- I had an awesome time.

What is your dream job as a model?
My dream job would be to work with a brand whose products I enjoyed, I always seek out new things to try and I am always ready to share something I like with others.

Alexandr Mikhailov
Alexandr Mikhailov by HardCiderNY (Menelik Puryear).

Time for us to discuss underwear! How often do you buy underwear and/or lounge pieces?
I try to buy underwear whenever I can, I think that as a model it is important to keep new pieces like underwear in rotation for upcoming shoots. And the best way to stay motivated and feel sexy is to keep this item of clothing on hand.

When you shop for underwear what do you look for?When I shop for underwear I don't go for old brand names, I look for new things that catch my eye. Sometime when shopping I spend most of my time doing a hands on comparison, getting a feel of the fabric, the texture against my skin, and the elasticity.

What's your favourite underwear style and brand?My favourite style would be a mix of both boxers and briefs, I prefer the look of briefs to boxers when it comes to shooting, but as far as brands- I cannot say. Honestly, with the fashion industry being ever changing there is always something new to try and that is the roller coaster of fashion, it keeps going!

Alexandr Mikhailov

Alexandr Mikhailov
Alexandr Mikhailov by Sean Gomes.

Model: Alexandr Mikhailov
Photographers: Thomas Synnamon, HardCiderNY (Menelik Puryear), Sean Gomes, Jeffery Beasley.
Underwear: Kim Denzler, Gregg Homme, Calvin Klein, Blue Collar,  Charlie by Matthew Zink.

A huge thanks to Alexandr for the interview and for sharing these great images with us.

Underwear suggestion: Marcuse - Peep Brief

This underwear suggestion is sponsored by Deal by Ethan

Peep if you're cheeky! Designed in a hipster style to sit low on the hips, the Peep Brief by Marcuse is simply decorated with a printed metallic 3D logo waistband with a cheeky 'greeting' under the horizontal fly front. Made with cotton/elastane fabric that breathes, this fun pair of underwear will comfortably showcase your masculinity.

Would you wear it?

Marcuse - Peep Brief underwear

Marcuse - Peep Brief underwear

Marcuse - Peep Brief underwear

This underwear suggestion is sponsored by Deal by Ethan

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Adam Coussins in Doreanse Aire exclusive at Dead Good Undies

Britain's underwear specialists and retailer Dead Good Undies have just added a new colour to their best selling, Aire range by Doreanse. The new colour is a beautiful red and the retailer is the only company in the world to have this. You won't be able to find these not even on the brands official website yet! The model you see below rocking the new string, trunk and micro bikini is no other than Adam Coussins, a long lasting crush of Men and Underwear blog. Enjoy the shots and the new Doreanse Aire item colours. There is also a backstage video on our youtube channel, also embedded below!

Adam Coussins in Doreance Aire exclusive at Dead Good Undies

Adam Coussins in Doreance Aire exclusive at Dead Good Undies

Adam Coussins in Doreance Aire exclusive at Dead Good Undies

Adam Coussins in Doreance Aire exclusive at Dead Good Undies

Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend Feast: Ivan Serrano - Clay Honeycutt - Trick or Treat underwear - aussieBum Merino and so much more....

Ivan Serrano by Rafa G. Catala
Ivan Serrano by Rafa G. Catala via BdD


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Our favourite Hunk du Jour this week? Definitely Francis Mossman

A brief interview and photos in AlphaMaleUndies blog of Dani Robles



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Aussiebum releases new, made of Merino wool, underwear. Photo below, see more

aussieBum Merino Hipster in grey
Merino Hipster in grey via aussieBum

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