We are happy to speak to Markus Kage today, a model you have seen in a number of underwear campaigns by Canadian retailer Jockstrap Central. Simon is a great underwear model. He has an impressive physique but most importantly he feels very comfortable with his body. No matter how sexy or revealing the underwear is, he looks very comfortable in it. Simon, also, is a very sweet guy. Behind his rough looks and his boxing background there is a kind soul, very polite and friendly. We think it’s best though to let him do the talking! Time to find out a bit more about his life, his career goals and of course his underwear preferences. Enjoy his exclusive to Men and Underwear interview below.

Simon Marini by Daniel Sheridan

Simon Marini photographed by Daniel Sheridan.

Name: Markus Kage
From: Ontario, Canada
Lives: Ontario Canada

Website: https://onlyfans.com/iammkage
Twitter: @iammkage

Hello Markus, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you! Could you please tell our readers a few things about yourself?

Lovely to e-meet you as well! (He laughs) Well for starters, I must admit that I am the most charismatic, intelligent, gorgeous, and HUMBLE person I know… (he laughs) naaah, I have this cute cockiness about me, but in actuality I can be very shy and like everybody I also have my insecure moments – even had my fair share of dealings with anxiety and depression.

Despite a background in professional mixed martial arts fighting I’m actually a HUGE cuddle-bear. My pups and my beautiful wifey reap the benefits of these Olympic level cuddle skills.

I have an advanced Diploma in Biotechnology, however have yet to actually use it for anything. (he laughs) And most recently I was working as a manager at a Cannabis Dispensary. Now I’m working hard at building my modelling career as well as making a return to the fitness industry.

When and how did you start modelling?

Can’t say when exactly but it feels like ages ago now (he laughs). Sometime after my fight career ended, and after crawling my way out of a rather deep and dark depression, I got into stripping; oddly enough I used it as an exposure therapy during a group counseling course I was in. Along with the stripping, modelling just made sense as a way to promote myself.

Simon Marini by Liam Light in CODE 22 underwear

Markus Kage by Liam Light in CODE 22 underwear.

What would you say has been the best moment of your modelling career so far?

Well… if I win the Annual Men and Underwear Awards in the category of Best Underwear Campaign (alongside Jockstrap Central) then I will DEFINITELY have to say that’s my top moment! (He laughs)

What are your goals for the next five years? Where do you see yourself in 2024?

Acting! I want to act, I’ve started doing some background work, and even landed a larger role when just showing up for a background gig. I’ve been talking to a few writers, nothing big, but I hope to start gaining more experience soon. In a perfect world, by 2024 I would be the new Thor in the next stage of the MCU… might be aiming high but fuck it! (He laughs)

My girlfriend and I have also recently found the exciting world of OnlyFans! We’ve both made accounts and are having lots of fun. We are both perverts with childhood dreams of doing porn lol. Our goal is to build our own brand, and become at least quasi famous from our own little “show” and “network” presented through the OnlyFans medium.

Simon Marini - My naked kitchen

Markus Kage, video still from My Naked Kitchen.


And now it’s time to talk underwear! How often do you shop new underwear?

Well with all these fun shoots I’m doing lately I kinda need new underwear on the daily! Gotta keep things interesting ya know. (He laughs)

We have seen you wearing a number of underwear brands. Do you have any favourites?

I’d have to say the Nasty Pig and Cellblock 13 gear I have found to be the most comfortable and I feel their designs mesh well with my look and personality too.

Markus Kage photographed for Jockstrap Central.

What underwear style do you prefer? Briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps or anything else?

Before I started modelling I strictly wore boxer-briefs. Now I love em all! Booty hugging little briefs, jockstrap, thongs, anything!

Do you have a favourite underwear colour?

My favourite colour has and always will be purple. (He smiles)

Markus Kage photographed for Jockstrap Central.


What, in your opinion, makes the best underwear in the world?

Comfort and sexiness. Snug fit with soft breathable material. Something that shows off the package well of course, and I like when the crease of my butt cheeks is visible

Well, that was excellent! Many thanks for your time Markus, it was a real pleasure talking to you!

Thank you guys!

Markus Kage photographed for Jockstrap Central.