A men’s underwear aficionado’s drawer should always have plenty of classic style underwear in solid colours. White or black briefs are always easy to wear and in any occasion. This makes them one of the first choices when you reach out a new pair of underwear in the morning, building your outfit from the inside out. Underwear fashion should he all about boosting your confidence, making you feel and look sexy. For many people wearing a simple white pair of briefs is as a big turn on as if you’re wearing the most revealing jockstrap. Of course tastes can differ and so do opinions on what is sexy and what is not. But, if you are looking to renew your classics then the new additions by Emporio Armani at International Jock is a good place to start!

Made from either cotton and elastane blend or from 100% cotton, the new collection comprises briefs, trunks and boxer briefs in white, black and dark marine blue. The logo of the brand is centred in the middle of the waistband. Enjoy some of the designs below on model Lucas Bloms in an exclusive for the American retailer photo shoot.