Our Brief Talk is back and today we have an interview with model Quinton Wynn. Featured in hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs and social media posts, Quinton Wynn is a charismatic model with an amazing face and a flawless body. We have seen him on the cover of Australia’s DNA Magazine but also featured in many outstanding works by renowned photographers. Lets find out more though about his life, his best moments as a model so far, his dreams and of course his underwear preferences!

Brief Talk: Quinton Wynn

Name: Quinton Wynn
From: Indianapolis
Resides: Indianapolis
Heritage: Mixed Ethnicity

Instagram: @win_with_wynn

Hello Quinton! Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Currently in school at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). I am pursuing a degree in public safety management and minoring in criminal justice! Once I graduate I plan to work with FEMA as an emergency planner. I love modelling and hope to receive more acting gigs!

How did you get into modelling?

Honestly I have been modelling since I was like 8 years old but I never really got into until last year when I decided to model fitness.

Brief Talk: Quinton Wynn

What’s the best moment in your modelling career so far?

My best moment in modelling was probably receiving the cover on DNA magazine! That was really cool! I also modeled for adidas! That was awesome as well!

What is your dream job as a model?

My dream job as a model would be to open my own gym and travel the world and work with the most recognized photographers and film makers!

Brief Talk: Quinton Wynn

Time for us to discuss underwear! How often do you buy underwear?

I always have new underwear and socks! Can’t have enough!

What’s your favorite underwear style and why?
Briefs by far! They are the most comfortable and stylish! If you ever watch UFC look at majority of the fighters and they are wearing spandex shorts which are basically briefs. They make you more agile I can promise you!

What is your favorite underwear brand?

I do not have one! But so far I am taking Alfani!

Quinton Wynn

Quinton Wynn

Quinton Wynn

Quinton Wynn

Model: Quinton Wynn

Photographers: Stevan Reyes, Joshua Howard and Hayden Su

Underwear: Skull & Bones, Lime, Emporio Armani
Swimwear: Vuthy

Many thanks to Quinton Wynn for the interview and the great photos!