We are pleased to announce the full restocking of our complete Obviously Apparel collection. Almost all previously unavailable sizes are now replenished.

For those who hold a deep interest in men’s underwear, Obviously Apparel is likely to be a recognized brand. At Men and Underwear, we have closely followed their journey since 2012. Originating from Australia in 2007, Obviously Apparel has garnered a dedicated following of millions of satisfied patrons globally. Their distinguishing factor lies in the exclusive utilization of bamboo rayon and micro modal materials for their underwear, as well as the incorporation of their signature pouch designs: the AnatoMAX and the AnatoFREE.

The two varieties of fabric offered in Obviously’s underwear line are renowned for their soft texture, lightweight feel, breathability, and natural anti-bacterial properties. Furthermore, unlike cotton, they retain their shape even after numerous washes. The distinct shapes of their underwear have been meticulously developed through extensive research and redesigns. The deliberate signature anatomical pouch of the underwear is available in two distinct designs: AnatoMAX, catering to those seeking unrestricted movement with the largest pouch design, and AnatoFREE, featuring a 2cm shallower depth and 1cm shorter front length, delivering a snug and supportive fit. The pouch design has undergone five redesigns to ensure the delivery of high-quality underwear engineered for the perfect fit.

You are now invited to explore a diverse array of underwear options at Men and Underwear – The Shop. Our Obviously Apparel section presents briefs, trunks, and thongs in varied hues and styles, showcasing an assortment of pouches and fabrics. Take a look at some of our newly introduced products below, with many more options available for your consideration!