The jocks’ specialists at have just added the Fusion Jockstraps by Cellblock13 to their ever expanding collection. You will find two different styles in two colourways each made from a high-quality Polyester/Spandex mesh. Behind the pouch these products have a unique built-in cock ring which the brand is calling a “U Bulge” sling pouch for added lift and enhancement. The jocks feature a 1 3/4″ elasticated waistband with CB13 lettering and 1″ matching leg straps. Just like every product by Cellblock13, these are made in the USA.

cellblock-13-fusion-jockstraps-01 cellblock-13-fusion-jockstraps-02

cellblock-13-fusion-jockstraps-03 cellblock-13-fusion-jockstraps-04