This underwear suggestion is sponsored by Deal by Ethan.

The MAX SE Pride Bikini features a rainbow waistband, and the Ergowear exclusive 3D Pouch crafted with high-quality fabrics and fibres. It features a 40mm signature elastic waistband in a smooth finish, displaying a centred Ergowear logo on a pride-inspired background. The waistband is manufactured using soft, durable fibres that do not shrink or lose shape and elasticity over time. The 3-dimensional, nose-shaped MAX pouch gently lifts your anatomy and provides enough room so that your genitals stay in place, without being confining or too tight. The rear and legs of the MAX SE Bikini are also designed to follow the exact shape of a man’s body so that every muscle is properly supported and the fit just seems natural. Every MAX SE Pride Bikini is manufactured using Ergowear’s exclusive polyester-elastane microfiber, which is soft, fast-drying and highly elastic. Polyester is one of the strongest artificial fibres, but thanks to the advanced composition of this fabric’s microscopic threads, it becomes extremely smooth and gentle on your skin. Meanwhile, elastane is added to the mixture to create an adaptable and flexible microfiber that wraps around your body’s shapes seamlessly. This complex design allows moisture to easily evaporate through the fibres, drying quickly after washing and even while wearing it.

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