A mini collection of jockstraps in bright colours has just been released by Barcode Berlin. The brand gets inspired by the distinctive core and lifestyle of Berlin and this particular collection is a natural continuation of their best selling Sergey Jockstraps. The iconic design has become a trademark style for Barcode Berlin, a nod to Bike’s No 10 jockstrap. Barcode Berlin designs sporty, daring and sexy underwear in a true fetish wear meets fashion for men and the Andreus Jocks are exactly that! This style has everything you love about the Sergey Jockstraps: a wide elasticated waistband, ribbed cotton pouch, a sporty and uber masculine style and sturdy construction to withstand heavy duty and intense activities. What makes it different is the range of bright colours and a slightly differently designed waistband. So, if you like your Sergey Jocks, you will love the Andreus as well! Have a look at the colour ways below, all available from Men and Underwear – The Shop. If you like what you see, follow the links in this post and get yourself some.

Barcode Berlin Jock Andreus Barcode Berlin Jock Andreus Barcode Berlin Jock Andreus Barcode Berlin Jock Andreus