We are very excited to start this month with two new collections by French label Kale Owen. Kale Owen is a brand based in Northern France which creates some of the most sexy and provocative underwear designs in our shop. If you are a fan of thongs and strings you will love their designs. If you are also a fan of bright colours and prints, then you will love it even more! Kale Owen offers a unique take on sexy underwear for men. It combines styles such as briefs or trunks with thongs and string to create contemporary silhouettes that fit like a glove! They always a top quality fabric that is printed with the brightest of colours!

The two new collections we have just stocked are called Apple Flowers and Graffiti Hip-Hop. The first one features a beautiful floral print with apple blossoms on a light almond green background. The second is a multi colour pattern inspired by graffiti and street art with tones of turquoise, blue, orange, green, purple and red. Each collection comprises five underwear styles all in four sizes, from small to extra large: Micro Brief, Thong Trunk hybrid, Thong Brief hybrid, Thong String hybrid and Thong. All styles are incredibly sexy, low rise and with a snug fit. They have no lining inside and they offer the minimum coverage possible! Some may find them suitable to wear as swimwear as well! The fabric dries quite fast but you should be warned that they can be quite revealing when wet!

Below are some of the product shots for you to see. Each photo when clicked will redirect you to the product page in our shop, with more information about the item. If you like what you see, visit our shop and get yourself a pair or two!

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