We are delighted to continue our Real Men In Underwear series with a new segment featuring RichPlantDaddy. Richard’s full “official” description is: Gym-loving plant daddy, available to offer help and advice on everything tropical plant related. We would add to that that Richard is an underwear aficionado and a fan of Men and Underwear! He is a lovely guy, very polite and down to earth (no pun intended) who was kind enough to agree on being part of our Real Men In Underwear features. His Instagram combines three of his biggest passions, plants, the gym and nice underwear. The pair he chose for his first-ever feature in our online magazine is the Sailor Briefs of CODE 22. Our most loyal readers will remember these briefs we also had in the shop. Unfortunately, they run out, but you will find a lot more amazing stuff from CODE 22, a true designer underwear brand.  Thanks to Richard for sharing these amazing photos with us; we look forward to seeing more! Also, we would like more of you to participate in this series and show us your favourite underwear!