One of the new brands we presented this year is Lucky Pants. Lucky Pants is based in UK, designed in London and made in Portugal. Their aim is to offer boxer briefs of excellent quality with elegant style and at an affordable price. We write many times in Men and Underwear about underwear being good for everyday wear, the gym or for special occasions. It is true that some underwear is good for a night out but won’t be as comfortable to wear at the office. Others may be good for the gym but don’t go well with the rest of your outfit on a night out. This is the reason why we often use terms such as “fashion underwear”, “athletic underwear” or “underwear for everyday wear” in order to better describe the style, feel and purpose of it. 

The underwear of Lucky Pants is made from micro-modal, and in case you still haven’t got any underwear made from this material in your top drawer, you should definitely get yourself a pair to try. We would describe this collection as great for everyday wear. The silhouette is familiar to guys who like wearing classic underwear styles and is easy to wear under a pair of jeans or a suit. It is slim fitting with long legs and lined pouch with a functional fly. It clings nicely on the skin, offers full coverage and stays on with the help of a wide, elasticated waistband. The pouch is contoured to fit the average guy, offering space and some support. The true highlight though of this collection is, of course, its fabric! Sustainable, moisture wicking and lightweight, micro-modal feels softer and breathes better than cotton. It is produced from beech trees, it is shrink resistant and will retain its original shape for longer, wash after wash. 

The combination of a classic silhouette, easy to combine colours and amazing fabric makes these boxer briefs ideal to wear Monday to Friday. So if long boxer briefs is your style and you are looking to try something new in terms of fabric and design, why not try Lucky Pants. The founders, Will Chapman, Freddie Villers and Charlie Villiers spent years in research and finding the right suppliers before launching this brand. 

Enjoy some new photos from their classic range and have a look at their official online retailer for information about shipment and pricing.

Lucky Pants underwear Lucky Pants underwear Lucky Pants underwear