We have the great pleasure to post our Brief Talk with model Adam Phillips today. The first time we saw Adam was his collaboration with photographer Cal McDougal and since then we became huge fans of his work. Magazine covers, underwear campaigns and a huge number of photo shoots already under his belt, despite the fact that he is working as a professional model for just a couple of years. There is certainly a bright future for this young guy and we will be right there to watch it happen. Enjoy the interview and some of the most spectacular photos from Adam Phillips’ work.

Model Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Cal McDougall.

Name: Adam Phillips
From: England
Lives: Plymouth, England
Heritage: English

Instagram: @adamphillips20
Twitter:  @A_Phillips20
Facebook: Adam Phillips Model

Tell us a little about yourself?
Adam, I have just turned 27, I have a degree in graphic communication and have a passion for music, the gym and positivity! I have been modelling for about a year and a half now.

How did you start modelling?
I was originally spotted by an agent in New York who saw some of my pictures online! I entered a local competition in Plymouth which I won and it all kind of progressed from there.

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Daniel Jaems.

Best experience as a model?
I think travelling to New York to shoot with world renown photographers such as Rick Day and Greg Vaughan was a highlight of my modelling career . New York is such an amazing city and to go there to model is a dream.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m pretty much aiming to be the face of a campaign.To be recognised by millions..With the amount of effort I put in with my diet and the gym, I feel this would be a great way to reward that..But I am hoping just with the travelling and life experiences that come from modelling it will be worth it.

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Joe McCormick.

How often do you shop for underwear
If I am honest I haven’t bought underwear in 2 years… However I get given a lot when I do shoots.

What is you favourite style of underwear
I love briefs. I find them so much more comfortable. They tend to keep everything in place and fits so much better.

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by TheIrishWolf.

Do you like bold colour or neutral colors when it comes to your underwear?
As I have olive skin I really do mix up the colours of my underwear.. The classic black briefs may be my favourite though..

What is your favourite underwear brand?
I currently have a lot of Armani underwear.. Some with thicker straps around the top which are very well fitted. The days of loose boxers are a things of the past for me!

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Kevin McDaid.

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Nick Andrews.

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Joe McCormick.

Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips by Nick Andrews.

Model: Adam Phillips
Photographers: Cal McDougall, Daniel Jaems, TheIrishWolf, Joe McCormick, Nick Andrews, Kevin McDaid.
Underwear/swimwear: Calvin Klein, Versace, D.Hedral, Charlie by Matthew Zink.

Many thanks to Adam Phillips for the interview and for the great photos.