One of the most quirky brands of Europe, FUNDIES, has just released its new collections and a body positive and gender fluid campaign. FUNDIES is based in The Netherlands creating handcrafted and unique pieces using mostly leftover fabrics for any gender. We presented this brand back in 2017 (you can read that article here) and we were impressed by their alternative designs. Their new campaign is an expression of the brand’s love to people of all sizes and colours. We all have imperfections but it is those that make us special, beautiful and unique.

They call the campaign Stand in love! and it features their latest creations made from cotton jersey and rhinestones stitched by hand. Here is what Hans Hutting, owner of the brand told Men and Underwear about it:

“Through this new series of items I want to ask the world to be a little more kind, loving and understanding towards others and towards yourself. Even within our own community, discrimination, misunderstandings or bulling takes place. Don’t divide but unite, show the world how much love we have to offer. Worldwide our community has lots to endure from those who don’t stand in love, who don’t want to have a conversation […] Bullying, hate, even murder; being openly LGBTQAI does not come without risks. These new items are an homage to the icons who stood on the barricade before us and to those who take a stand and speak out for equality. This battle is ongoing. Even today a gay relationship is criminalised in 72 countries and in 10 one can be sentenced to death.”

Have a look at the new items as featured in the photos below.

Credits:Fashion: FUNDIES
Photography: Dana Dijkgraaf Design
Models: Ashley, Marloes, Peter.

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