Underwear review carried out by Marc Delavigne for Men and Underwear.

This is the first of two reviews on new designs created by King Style, an innovative Taiwanese underwear company already introduced on this blog in several underwear suggestions and reviews. The special development of King Style is their system of 5 different pouch design series, all focussing on giving each part of the male anatomy its dedicated separate space to avoid rubbing and sweating. The 5 series differ in the position of your manhood – upright or downward – and in the construction of the pouch that can be either hidden inside the cover layer of your undergarment for a more classic look, or attached outside highlighting your assets.

kingstyle 5 series

In today’s article we compare two briefs from the “Young & Free” limited edition, belonging to series C (up, outside) and D (down, outside), respectively. Apart from the briefs reviewed here the “Young & Free” edition also includes two boxer briefs, one in series C and one in series D design, with the same garment characteristics and the same colour options (black, blue, pink). All items are made from a very light, thin and soft fabric (90% polyamide, 10% spandex) which is very pleasant to wear on hot summer days. The two briefs both stand out with their sexy cut covering you fully at the front and back, but nicely showing off your thighs: in a tanga-like manner the front and rear panels are only connected by the waistband. The latter grabbed my attention with its flashy, bright-blue colour carrying the brand’s name in white and dark-blue characters running diagonally along the band.

An important quality criterion for me is the absence of itchy labels. The care instructions are printed on the garment (inside of course). Like all King Style products I have had in hands (and on my body) so far, the production quality is very good with solid seams and a waistband well sewn to the fabric and properly closed in the back.

Both the series C and D options have a separate pouch for your jewels, made of a single-layered mesh keeping them well ventilated. Whether you choose one series or the other depends on your preference for carrying your little friend downward or upright. I personally find the upright position without any bending more comfortable. On the other hand it is visually a bit more daring, in particular, due to the opening of the pouch at the top in the C series. If you are afraid that something might grow out of its place, but still want to have the upright position, you may want to look into one of the models from the A series where the upright pouch is hidden inside the garment. The series D model creates a more pronounced bulge without squeezing your parts but giving them enough freedom to curve down naturally.

In summary, both options are nice to wear and visually pleasing.

Series D - Young & Free limited edition brief in pink. Presently also available in black or blue.

Series D – Young & Free limited edition brief in pink. Presently also available in black or blue.




Series C – Young & Free limited edition brief in blue. Presently also available in black.


If this review aroused your curiosity, have a look at King Style’s web shop hosted by ebay. Both briefs discussed here are presently available for 19 AUD (= 13 EUR).

To facilitate the correct choice of size each product page on their web shop contains a size chart. To give my own experience as an example: I am 1.85 m (6′ 1″) tall with a morphology you can judge from the pictures. The L size of the test sample was alright but I could have worn M which is my usual preference.

Keep watching this blog: in a few weeks from now three other King Style novelties will be discussed. Many thanks to King Style for providing the samples!