One of many brands that grabbed our attention, during our recent visit to the Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfiliere in Paris in January, was Jolidon. Jolidon is a brand based in Romania. Their main focus is manufacturing women’s lingerie but they offer an extensive collection of underwear for men as well. I bet many of you now think, that when a brand’s main focus is women, then men’s underwear comes as a side business with not much creativity to offer. But Jolidon is different. The brand has a dedicated designer for their men’s underwear collection. Anca Groza is the newly appointed men’s underwear designer and we had the pleasure to meet and speak to her during the Salon.

Anca shared with us her passion for men’s underwear and her focus to bring something new to the industry. Jolidon is using a range of fabrics for their collection including microfiber, modal and cotton blends. The brand has a long history tracing back to 1993 when their first swimwear collection was launched. Since then it has evolved into a leading label offering a range of styles and colours. We asked Anca Groza where she finds inspiration to create her upcoming collections.

“It is a long procedure to choose a theme for the collection. Everything starts with what the Jolidon customer needs and an extensive research of the recent trends. Then we start exploring possible themes”.

There is always a theme in each of Jolidon’s collections. In their upcoming SS2017 release, the collection is inspired by the beach, the sunshine and the relaxed feeling of being into the water. The new lines will include nautical themed styles but also blue, red and whites which are the best selling colours of the brand. For Autumn-Winter Jolidon will introduce more new fabrics such as micro-modal and jacquard as well as new patterns such as melange, which looks like it is going to be one of the main trends in men’s underwear later this year. The Jolidon customer, says Anca, is between 20 and 45 years old. He likes the city, loves sports and he is not afraid to try new things. The basics and fashion lines in Jolidon’s collection come to satisfy every man’s need. Classic styles as well as some more risqué designs offer comfort and an original style.

Anca Groza’s vision for Jolidon’s men’s collection is within the next five years to mature and to grow as much as their women collection. Keep an eye on this brand, we expect to see great things from them in the near future!

Jolidon’s current men’s underwear collection is available in selected retailers around the world and via their official online retailer: