Our Brief Talk today is with a model you all know and admire. Uriel Ramirez needs no introduction, his work with Andrew Christian features in every social media, every blog and publication related to the men’s underwear industry and more. We have all admired his amazing physique in videos and photos of the great American brand but also in other collaborations he had with some very talented photographers. Enjoy his interview with Men and Underwear below and some of his best photos.

Uriel Ramirez for Andrew Christian
Uriel Ramirez for Andrew Christian.

Name: Uriel Ramirez
Born: Mexico
Resides: Los Angeles

Website: Andrew Christian – Model Search – Uriel Ramirez (mobile-friendly version)
Instagram: @urihariel
Facebook: Uriel Ramirez

Hello Uriel! Could you tell our readers a few things about yourself?

My name is Uriel Ramirez a Texas native and I am 29 years of age. I have three younger siblings and a beautiful niece. Family, friends and animals play a big part in my life. My hobbies are to travel, workout and socialise. I have a BBA from A&M. I was the face for the world famous Tallywackers in Dallas, Texas… the male version restaurant of hooters. I am currently living in Los Angeles as an exclusive model for Andrew Christian.

How long have you been modelling, and how did you get started?
I have been modelling for about five years but did not get serious until three years ago. I started with a roommate I had back in Dallas. She modelled exclusive for Campbell agency, taught me the 101 of modelling and when they had an opening I tried out and got introduced into the modelling world.

Uriel Ramirez by Mark Henderson

Uriel Ramirez by Mark Henderson
Uriel Ramirez by Mark Henderson.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a model so far?

Being recognised worldwide and featured in many popular shows as the face of Tallywackers (he laughs) and signing on with Andrew Christian. I have gotten to work with many successful photographers but my favourite are Mark Henderson, Devin Mitchell and Jarriel Jones. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I have my BBA in Business, I would like to open my own modelling business depending on the market. I have also started doing real estate classes… If all goes as planned I want to get into real estate. 

What is your dream job or campaign you would like to work on?
I would want to do fashion week in the UK with a well known designer. Or have a magazine spread in GQ. I have too many favourites to mention (he laughs).

Uriel Ramirez by Devin Mitchell

Uriel Ramirez by Devin Mitchell
Uriel Ramirez by Devin Mitchell.

Time to talk underwear Uriel! How often do you buy underwear?

It has been almost a year that I have not bought any underwear. Andrew Christian supplies me with all his newest lines!

What is your favourite style of underwear and why?
I love briefs, they are so comfortable. I love just how they feel and look on me. 

Even though I think I know the answer to this question, I’ll still ask. Do you have a favourite underwear brand and why?
My favourite brand is Andrew Christian. They have underwear for all occasions. The quality of their underwear makes them so comfortable to wear. 

In your estimation, what makes a great pair of underwear?
I would say the material they are made of. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a good pair of underwear made with quality.

Uriel Ramirez for Andrew Christian

Uriel Ramirez for Andrew Christian

Photos by Andrew Christian.

Model: Uriel Ramirez.
Photos: Mark Henderson, Devin Mitchell, Andrew Christian.
Underwear: Andrew Christian.

Many thanks to Uriel Ramirez for the interview and the photos.