Today’s underwear review is of the Modus Vivendi Strip Brief. The pair we tried on was supplied to us by Modus Vivendi. This brief is part of the Athletic Line by Modus Vivendi which is a huge collection of underwear made for the gym and every day use.

Modus Vivendi underwear review - Strip Brief

Review by Marko for Men and Underwear Blog:

Flattering fit, nice quality. I was delighted with these briefs from Modus Vivendi. I already have quite a few pairs of their underwear and I would go again for more from this brand. The ‘strip brief’ in blue I got is pretty good quality and very comfortable. First time I tried it on, I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked the way it fitted, both at the front and at the back. I also like the overall colour combination (blue fabric, white and black trim) but I must admit I’m not a big fan of this particular waistband design. There are some better looking ones in the collections of Modus Vivendi. But for sure, you can feel very sexy in this pair. They are medium to low cut and sit nicely around the waist. Also rest assured that they will keep their shape: after a couple of washes they still look good. I wore them at the gym and did some cycling in them and I will do it again and again 🙂

Modus Vivendi underwear review - Strip Brief

Some extra details

Fabric: Cotton and elastane blend. The fabric is lightweight, soft, and feels extremely comfortable against the skin. Elasticated triple coloured waistband with Modus Vivendi logo
Fit: The fit is extremely good: Roomy contour pouch. Soft, stretchy fabric. Very comfortable.
Manufacturing: No loose threads, no misaligned details. The panels are cut with extreme precision. Strong stitching. Creative details. Label with washing instructions.

Underwear Specifications

Fabric: Cotton 95% and elastane 5%.
Normal to low rise briefs. Extra room in front. Elasticated waistband. Made in Greece.

Modus Vivendi Strip brief is great underwear for every day use.

Price: 18.70 euros
Underwear provided by: Modus Vivendi
Direct link for this product: Modus Vivendi Strip Brief
Colours available: White, black, blue
Sizes available: Small, medium, large, extra large