We recently came across Gabriel Homme a men’s underwear brand based in Thailand and launched by a French designer. What draw our attention to this brand is their beautiful designs and huge collection of garments. Read below the exclusive to Men and Underwear blog interview to find out more about Gabriel Homme:

Gabriel Homme underwear

Q. Could you tell us a few words about Gabriel Homme? What made you start the brand?A. We believe our brand can inspire people, make them feel confident, increase their self respect. This is also the feedback we get from our customers and what makes us continue what we are doing.

Q. When was the brand Gabriel Homme established?A. Grabriel Homme was established in 2000. In 2012 the brand opened up to the international market with limited edition designs.

Q. What makes the Gabriel Homme brand different from other male underwear brands?A. All of our products are produced as limited editions only. This makes the wearer feel special by wearing something unique. He doesn’t worry that he will look the same as someone else at the gym or at the beach or anywhere he chooses to wear our items. This is the advantage of having limited editions and what makes us different from other brands.

Q. How would you describe the man who wears Gabriel Homme?A. Mightily energetic, athletic, confident, a guy who is looking for excitement and makes other people’s hearts melt with his masculinity.

Q. What is your own favourite underwear style?A. We put into every single design we make the passion we have for men’s underwear and sports-wear. Bearing this in mind we are proud to say that our favourite style is Gabriel Homme’s style!

Q. Where can we buy Gabriel Homme?A. You can buy our products by ordering from our website. Its the best way to make sure that you will get an original one.

Q. Where do you see your brand in 5 years from now?A. Our brand is like our baby, we like to see it growing every day. We have been working hard since the beginning to make sure Gabriel Homme will keep growing not just for 5 years but for as long as we can and as long as it’s needed.

A huge thanks to Gabriel Homme for this interview.
Find below the official website and instagram account to follow the brand.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/gh_gabrielhomme

Gabriel Homme underwear


Gabriel Homme underwear