Today’s review is for the Matt James Briefs. Matt James is a British brand launched in 2018 creating classic underwear styles at very competitive prices. The brand starting by offering y-front boxer briefs in black and white but soon expanded its collection to include the briefs we review today in a range of eight colour combinations. This pair of briefs was furnished by Men and Underwear – The Shop.

Matt James underwear - Black Briefs

Underwear Review by Ethan for Men and Underwear

Most of you who follow the journey of Men and Underwear, know that every underwear design that makes it to our shop goes through a testing process before it is added to our inventory. The briefs by Matt James were chosen as a cost efficient fashion pair of underwear. Actually the fit is a lot better than many, a lot more expensive, underwear in the market! The pouch is mildly contoured, mostly towards the bottom part, which many men find supportive. The style is athletic and quite masculine with sleek lines and solid colours. Each of the four colours, these briefs come in, is offered with either black or silver waistband raising the overall colour ways to eight. The waistband has the logo of the brand centred at the front.

Matt James underwear - Blue Briefs

From manufacturing point of view the Matt James briefs are quite well made. The fabric is medium weight and it’s washed without loosing its colour. The waistband is on the thin side, 4cm wide and stretches nicely to sit around your waist without restrictions. The pouch as we said is contoured, more towards the lower part, but it is also lined and put together with over lock stitch on each side. The legs are made with a sturdy elastic so they grip nicely. The only concern might be the stitches on either side of the garment that some may find a bit irritating. They are covered with a super soft thread though so for the vast majority of men, these stitches won’t be any problem. We could find a few slightly misaligned details but the overall construction is good, especially when you compare it to the retail price of the garment.

matt james underwear - blue briefs

Ben Dudman posing in the white briefs by Matt James with the black waistband option.

These briefs come in two packaging options. The original one which is in a collectible and reusable tin and a standard polyester sleeve which reduces the retail price even further. Overall these briefs are a great value for money! The style is masculine and easy to wear on an everyday basis, even during your workout. Totally recommended!

Actor Stephen Kakavoulis by Yannis Pavlidis - Matt James underwear

Greek actor Stephen Kakavoulis in the red briefs by Matt James from an exclusive editorial for Men and Underwear.

Matt James underwear

The beautiful tin packaging of Matt James which has inspired two photographers to photograph it!