We are excited to expand the collection of handmade accessories from Zosimi Beads a little more at Men and Underwear – The Shop with three new unique necklaces! As you may have guessed by the name, Zosimi Beads is not an underwear brand but an accessories one and, more specifically, jewellery that anyone can wear. The brand’s founder is Sandra Lindahl, a love immigrant to Greece from Sweden. Sandra gets inspired by the beauty of beads, threads and colours to create unique, handmade items with vibrancy and a bit of bling which we all love!

The first of three new necklaces is the Heishi necklace – Apricot and Cream. This is a beautiful piece in orange, off-white and white polymer heishi beads and stainless steel details. The second is the Howlite necklace – Off white and Turquoise. This is a fantastic piece made with Howlite, semi-precious, stones of different shapes and turquoise and off-white tones. The third is the Howlite necklace with Ethnic pendant – Black and Blue. This is a striking necklace with a pendant in silver and with enamel decorations. The black howlite semi precious stones mix amazingly well with blue glass beads to give the perfect summer touch to your outfit. All three necklaces have clear references to summer and got inspired by the bright colours of the long and warm days. These are perfect for any look and for any occasion and can be worn by everyone.

Take a look at the new necklaces below, and if you like what you see, visit the Zosimi Beads space now in our shop and get them! Please be aware that all accessories are handmade, therefore unique. In some, reproduction can be made if materials are still available. For most though, it is just one item available! If you need more than one on a specific style, please get in touch, and we can see if this is possible.