Sponsored by Happy Bulge Swim Co.

Spring is here and that means the clothes are coming off. The men at Happy Bulge Swim Co. are excited to strip down for swimsuit season. Happy Bulge recently showed off its spring collection and it’s impressively huge! The styles range from modest solid colours, to bright and flashy.

Other bestselling favourites – called Power Bottoms – from the Happy Bulge swimwear line are Disco Blue Persuasion, Big Bang, Polka Dot Party and Flashy Floral. They feel great and look even better. The silky material and tightness offer everything needed to perk up your package.

In the Happy Bulge undy drawer, cheeky styles of briefs, thongs and jockstraps await. Try them on for size and keep them on all day… or until someone takes them off you!

Need a top? Happy Bulge has silky T-shirts such as “Kiss Whoever The Fuck You Want” and “I’m Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity.” The bestsellers at Pride events are “Bottom in Training” and “Have a Gay Day” shirts.

For sock lovers, Happy Bulge offers a line of socks to keep your tootsies toasty. The playful patterns definitely draw attention to your feet and go great with most outfits.

Check out the full collection of men’s swimwear, underwear, socks, Pride face masks and T-shirts at happybulge.com.

Get 20% OFF your first order with code MEN20. Happy Bulge Swim Co. ships worldwide… so get bulging!

Happy Bulge Swim Co. is a Canadian-based gay-owned small business. It launched in 2019 and travelled to different North America Pride events. Plans to visit more Pride events in 2020 were changed when the pandemic hit and all Prides were cancelled. Happy Bulge shifted to an e-commerce platform in late 2020 to sell the styles made for Pride festivals.

Happy Bulge Swim Co.’s Flashy Floral swim bikini.

Happy Bulge Swim Co.’s Polka Dot Party swim brief.

Happy Bulge Swim Co.’s Athletic Dept. swim brief.