We are very happy to introduce you to a new underwear brand today. The brand is HappySacs and what they make could be the next best thing in the mens underwear industry. The brand is making something very simple but very practical at the same time.
HappySacs could be the ultimate solution for ball discomfort. We know that many of you feel, sometimes, uncomfortable in your underwear, especially when things get sweaty down there, or when your underwear doesn’t have enough hold to keep your package away from your thighs aka irritation of the scrotum skin area. HappySacs is a bag for your boys that keeps them dry and comfortable by creating a stick free barrier between your legs and goodies.

HappySacs work with or without your underwear. You can wear them under your boxers or briefs or you can wear them in a semi-commando way with nothing at all. There are three sizes to choose from (Modest Man, Practical Man and the Bragger) and two main lines: Original HappySac and ColdSac. The difference between the two is the fabric they are made of. The Original is made from a light weight sweat wicking fabric and the ColdSac from a technical fabric that is said to reduces skin temperature by up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Both lines come in four colourways.


Have you ever tried HappySacs? Share your comments with us, either by commenting below or just send us an email. For those of you who haven’t, let us tell you that pricing is very competitive (6USD and 9USD each) to go and give them a try. We are expecting our HappySacs very soon so stay tuned to read our upcoming review.