Two new underwear from Obviously Apparel‘s Freeman collection have just arrived at Men and Underwear – The Shop. The new items feature the Pacific colour, which is the fourth colour option now available from this collection.

The FreeMan Briefs feature the AnatoFREE anatomical shape pouch designed specifically for the penis and testicles. This pouch is slightly smaller than the AnatoMAX pouch by 1-2 cm, providing more support. This trademark design has made Obviously Apparel a world-renowned premium men’s underwear brand.

These briefs are made from the highest quality bamboo rayon and Lycra blend, providing breathability, moisture-wicking, and an unbelievably soft and lightweight feel on your skin. The fabric is a 4-way stretch, meaning the garment can accommodate any movement and will flex with your body regardless of the activity.

The waistband is soft, thin, and elasticated, and with proper care, it will not stretch or sag over time. Timeless, top quality and perfect for any day!