Our Brief Talk today is with model Matt Turner. The up and coming Canadian is represented by Charles Stuart International and he has already quite a few catwalks, professional shoots, commercials and even a book cover under his belt. It was a shoot with photographer Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery) which caught our attention a few months back and wanted to find out more about Matt. You can see some shots from this collaboration below. Read on and get to know Matt. He is clever and has a great sense of humour. Learn if he is a briefs or boxer guys and what are his favourite underwear brands! 

Matt Turner by Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery)
Matt Turner by Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery)
Name: Matt Turner
From: Vancouver, Canada
Lives: Vancouver, Canada
Heritage: Canadian/German

Instagram: @tunphish09
Twitter: @Tunaphish09
Facebook: facebook.com/mattturnermodel

Tell us a little about yourself? 

Where shall I start? I am born and live on the west coast of Canada. I am a gamer with a love for music, sci-fi movies, and WWE wrestling! You’ll see some of that creep into my IG. I love to stay active and travel all over the world! I could spend hours at the mall, but nothing will beat a great show, concert or festival. Except maybe comic con or a Star Wars movie premiere!

How did you get into modelling?
My first experience modelling was with a pretty good photographer in my area. He directed me very well and the shots turned out really great. I thought I had a great look, and enjoyed the experience so much that I went online and found more photographers. It just kinda snowballed from there. Now it’s grown into a great passion of mine, and a career I really enjoy. I am always looking forward to my next shoot.

Matt Turner by Jeffery Beasley (flashframe)
Matt Turner by Jeffery Beasley (flashframe)
What’s the best moment in your modeling career so far?
(He laughs) This is tough because a lot of the projects and gigs I’ve been on have been were great. I think the biggest surprise was the book cover. I remember when that was published. It happened right around Christmas. It was amazing. For any readers that like romance check out ‘Song of the Fireflies’ by J.A. Redemerski.
What is your dream job as a model?
There are soooo many opportunities. Ultimately professional success, and a large campaign would be the ultimate goal. However I would love to also try and do some good for the environment. Raise awareness through campaigns and charities.

Time for us to discuss underwear! How often do you buy underwear and/or lounge pieces
I buy underwear a few times a year, or whenever I see something I like. (he smiles)

When you shop for underwear what do you look for? 
Comfort and support are the most important. I also look for particular styles, and lastly colour.

What’s your favorite underwear style and brand?
I typically wear boxer briefs, but I also like briefs. I like the look of low rise so I always look for those first. There are a lot of great brands. CK is pretty much top of my list, but so are Diesel, Armani, and American Eagle. My American Eagles are pretty comfy, but my Armani’s are some of my favourite to wear.
Matt Turner by Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery)
Matt Turner by Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery)

Matt Turner by GD Photoarts
Matt Turner by GD Photoarts

Matt Turner by Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery)
Matt Turner by Nick Hernandez (HNS Imagery)
Model: Matt Turner

Photographers: Nick Hernandez for HNS Imagery, GD Photoarts, Jeffery Beasley (flashframe)

Underwear: Calvin Klein
A huge thanks to Matt for the interview and for sharing these great images with us.