Today, we are excited to introduce a new section in our online magazine called “Look Of The Day”. Similar to our “Underwear Suggestion”, this segment features a combination of items that you can use to build your daily outfit. Our aim is to present you with new items, unique combinations, and individual looks. We’ll experiment with colours, fabrics, brands, and occasionally add layers to create a visually appealing ensemble. We hope you enjoy the first edition and keep an eye out for more to come.

Today we build an all-black look with Adam Smith, Barcode Berlin, Zosimi Beads and CODE 22! We chose a pair of black briefs, black socks, a black tank top and a black bracelet. All feature a black style with some details in white. We added the bracelet for a bit of shine!

Underwear of the look: Adam Smith – Exclusive Briefs – Black

Adam Smith - Exclusive Briefs black

Socks of the look: Barcode Berlin – Proud Gym Socks Black

Top of the look: CODE 22 – Basics Tanktop – Black

CODE 22 - Basics Tanktop

Accessories of the look: Zosimi Beads – Zig Zag Bracelet – Black