Today’s underwear review is for the mesh briefs and jockstrap by the Czech brand DMX Gear. The review was carried out by the underwear specialist @Undies_Lover. The two pairs were supplied to us by the brand, which we thank. Lets find out what Undies Lover thinks about them. On with the review!

DMX Gear underwear - Review by Undies Lover for Men and Underwear

Underwear Review by Undies Lover for Men and Underwear

DMX isn’t a brand I had heard of before, but got some mesh briefs and a jock to try them out. At first, they looked a little small, I am not the smallest size but thought I would see what the fit would be like anyway.

Pleasantly surprised, would be my answer to that, they take up less room in the drawer and fit like a glove! The briefs were the first to be worn! First impression: great fit and held everything in place, which was good really as they would be put to the test at the gym later on… Second impression, the mesh fabric allowed the cool air to circulate meaning a lot less sweating, even during a hot summer’s day.

Come the end of the day, it was time to try on the jock. No feeling of tightness from the briefs at all, so time to see if the jock would live up to the same standards. Well, truthfully, it did! The pouch is made from a soft cotton and elastane blend and just like a classic jock, there is pretty much nothing at the back, still keeping you cool in the warm weather whilst making sure everything is held in place… almost like cupped hands in cotton gloves!

Overall, the briefs would be my favourite of the two with their mesh fabric and hugging all the right places. Good quality and seem to fit perfectly. I am not saying the jock was no good. It also performed very well when worn under shorts and put through my training test.

Many thanks to Undies Lover for the review and also to DMX Gear for supplying the underwear. Their mesh made underwear is from their upcoming collection so if you want to get them you should keep an eye on the brand’s website or subscribe to their newsletter.