It’s time we said goodbye to 2021 and we are doing it with style! This year we participate in the “traditional” end-of-the-year sale and have added some more items in our sales section along with further reducing items that have already been there. Among the new items added are swimwear for your upcoming holidays (yes, it will happen at some point!) and among those that have been reduced further are the skimpy and sexy items from previous collections of Kale Owen. To make things easier for you in the same section are items that are discontinued and reduced to clear such as the entire line of Italian made underwear of Ultimo Bacio and the lines Kavan, Solger, Dag and Arvid of Barcode Berlin. Expect reductions from 20% and up to 50%, so if you are looking for a bargain or want to stock up on any of these items, now it is the time to get them! Truth is that many colours and sizes have run out already but there are still plenty for you to get. Enjoy below a small selection of items from our End of 2021 sale and if you like what you see, make sure you visit the sales section in our shop and get yourself some!

Marcuse swimwear - Master pink copy 2 Vlad Parker by Stas Vokman Marcuse swimwear

Barcode Berlin Jock KavanBarcode Berlin underwear - Briefs Arvid pink

Ultimo Bacio - Italian underwear - Vasco by Doitsini