One of the most anticipated new collections for the season has just been released! Walking Jack proposes three new lines for Spring Summer 2020, one is all blue and two in prints. All the new collections are now available at Men and Underwear – The Shop and we are really excited about it! Let’s have a look in more detail at all the new designs below. Please note that all these new styles come in five sizes, from S to XXL to fit most guys!

Walking Jack – Fern Print Briefs

Walking Jack - underwear - FERN Print Briefs

One of our favourite prints this year, the Fern Print, features an exclusive to the Greek brand design with a hand-drawn fern leaf in blue-grey hues. The design is perfectly combined with a black elasticated waistband with the Walking Jack logo on. The fabric is microfiber so it’s extremely soft and durable. The colours of the print are vivid and they will stay like this after multiple washes. This is a top quality pair of briefs, perfect for everyday wear. The pouch is contoured and lined to give you the space and support you need and the seams are all flat lock to avoid any irritation to the skin.

Walking Jack – Fern Print Trunks

Walking Jack - underwear - FERN Print Trunks

The trunks of the same collection feature the same print and waistband like the briefs above. This style is classic trunks with a modern twist! The leg is longer than any of the previous underwear of Walking Jack giving the coverage of classic boxer briefs. The pouch though is contoured giving the same space and comfort you get from a pair of briefs. The Walking Jack Fern Print Trunks are made to awaken your love for nature! Timeless style combined with ultimate comfort in a high quality garment for men, designed and made in Europe.

Walking Jack – Letters Print Briefs

Walking Jack - underwear - LETTERS Print Briefs

One more playful suggestion for this season, the second print Walking Jack proposes for this year. This exclusive design features the letters of Walking Jack logo in various colours against a white background; it brings in mind happy memories from our childhood and a joyful mood. The fabric is microfiber of excellent quality and the colours will stay on for a long time. The pouch is contoured, spacious and lined with cotton to give you the support you need. These briefs come with the silver white signature waistband of Walking Jack.

Walking Jack – Letters Print Trunks

Walking Jack - underwear - LETTERS Print Trunks

We find the trunks of the same collection even more playful than the briefs of this line. There is more fabric so the print looks amazing with all the letters jumping around as you move. Tones of sea blue, sky blue, grass green and sand beige mark the love of this brand for nature and the great outdoors. The style is the same as the Fern Print Trunks, featuring the coverage of a classic pair of boxer briefs with the comfort of a spacious contoured pouch.

Walking Jack – Bluebird Briefs

Walking Jack - underwear - BLUEBIRD Briefs

The third collection of the season by Walking Jack is the Bluebird collection. The briefs you see above are a natural continuation of the brand’s Core Collection. Walking Jack has evolved the Core design into these briefs featuring a more spacious pouch, lining and natural fit waistband. This line is very masculine with a dash of sexy. Walking Jack is known for its play on classic styles adding contemporary details in terms of prints, colours and silhouettes. Despite their classic look, these briefs feel extremely sexy on! They sit right where your hips are offering great support at the front with plenty of space and lining, while the back sits slightly higher than the average briefs creating a flattering and sexy look.

Walking Jack – Bluebird Solid Briefs

Walking Jack - underwear - BLUEBIRD Solid Briefs

The Bluebird Solid Briefs is all about comfort and a masculine look. These briefs feature a silhouette that almost all men find very comfortable under any pair of trousers. The fabric is a luxuriously soft cotton blend with just the right amount of elastane for the perfect fit. The pouch is spacious and contoured for a no-restriction feel for your boys. The back is covered in full with the leg seams going under the buttocks so there are no visible underwear lines under your pants or trousers. This top quality briefs feature the trademark royal blue waistband of Walking Jack.

Walking Jack – Bluebird Trunks

Walking Jack - underwear - BLUEBIRD Trunks

The last, but not least, underwear from the new collections of Walking Jack is the Bluebird Trunks. These trunks are a natural continuation of the Core Trunks of the brand with slightly more spacious pouch and less tight grip on the waist and legs. If you are a fan of the Core Trunks of Walking Jack, you will love these too! The fabric is amazing to the touch, soft cotton with the right amount of elastane. The all blue style makes it look very masculine and easy to wear for every day or any kind of exercise. You simply can’t go wrong with a style such as this.

If you like these styles as much as we do, head over to our shop and get yourself a pair or two! Every photo above is clickable and direct you to the product page with more information. You will find the prices are very competitive for such quality underwear. In the photos above, model is Ricardo Lorenzo and photographer is Adrian C. Martin.