Today’s underwear review is for the white Lace Hipster by Bum-Chums. This hipster is part of the best selling lace collection of the British brand, a controversial range among underwear lovers blurring the line between underwear and lingerie. Bum-Chums is a brand you have seen featured quite a few times in Men and Underwear. They manufacture all their items in their own studio in the UK and have a growing and very loyal fan base. This hipster was supplied to us by Debriefed Underwear.

Bum-Chums underwear - Hipster lace White

Underwear Review by Ethan for Men and Underwear

One of many things I like about Bum-Chums is that they are not afraid to incorporate unusual silhouettes and not traditional fabrics in their collections. It’s not so long ago when brands were reluctant to produce jockstraps or even bikinis. The underwear world seems to have changed though. Many brands try to cater for more tastes and offer more and more alternatives to briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. A few of them also continue to innovate and experiment with styles and fabrics never seen before in the industry. We owe a lot to those brands; without them there would be no evolution, no fashion trends, no individuality. Of course evolution brings controversy and when we speak about fabrics in men’s underwear, sometimes, things get complicated. You have probably heard me saying that before but I will say it again: fabrics have no gender and no sexual identity. Lace has been used in lingerie for years and it is a fabric linked to underwear for decades. It slowly becomes part of the men’s underwear fashion, especially after big fashion names such as Versace have presented lace underwear collections for men.

I wanted to start the review by taking this underwear together with me at the gym. I showed to most guys there asking if they would wear it. Among giggles and laughter the response was unanimous, none of the guys at my gym would wear it. Oh well, I can’t blame them really, this underwear is not made to be worn at the gym anyway! Jokes aside, some people are not yet open to wear lace underwear but there are many men who would and quite a few who do. If you are among those who would like to try, these Lace Hipsters of Bum-Chums are perfect!

Bum-Chums underwear - Hipster lace White

What Bum-Chums did with this hipster is that it worked with the fabric to create a nice silhouette, perfect for the male physique. You get a contoured pouch with enough space for the average man, cut narrow to give good support. The legs are wide enough, finished with an elastic band which provides a good grip. The same band is used around the waist. It is stretchy to help keep the underwear in place without restrictions. I didn’t find any label with washing instructions or the fabric composition on the garment, but according to the store of Debriefed Underwear the fabric is a polyamide and elastane blend. It is a fine lace featuring a floral pattern, almost completely transparent. Note that these hipsters are unlined and this fabric is quite delicate so it should be treated well. This is not a pair of underwear for workout, it is made to be worn on special occasions and hand washed after to make it last for longer. The branding on the garment is jus a folded union jack label stitched at the top.

Overall, I like the fact that Bum-Chums is thinking outside the box, for one more time, and created a love-it-or-hate-it underwear design. I also appreciated the overall style of a pure white garment without any branding or gimmicks. I missed a lining which would allow it to be worn on more occasions though.