Review by Ethan Morale

I remember a friend of mine once saying he wouldn’t wear any underwear except black trunks.

I’m sure he’s not the only one. Black is still one of the most popular colours for underwear and almost everyone feels comfortable in a pair of well-made trunks.

So, recently I tried out a pair of Man Trunks by FU e=fu8, in black. When I took them out of their package I thought they might be exactly the kind of thing my friend was talking about. FU e=fu8 is a young brand based in Manhattan. It focusses on supplying good quality underwear to men on the go. Their designs are somewhat on the classic side, and the pair I tried out were very traditional looking trunks.

The thing I liked most about FU’s trunks was the fabric. The blend is mostly cotton (95%), with elastane, which helps the trunks retain their shape. This is probably the most popular blend, and for good reason, and the finishing of the particular fabric used here was soft and very comfortable against the skin. It is medium weight, and this gives the impression of a sturdy pair of underwear that you can much wear pretty anywhere. Having said that, while this type of fabric could work well in the winter, you might find it too warm for the summer.

Despite the fabric, I did have a few issues with the Man Trunks by FU f=fu8. First of all, the overall construction was far from perfect. The waistband was thin and very basic, and where the waistband was sewn together at the back was uneven. The washing instructions label was placed right behind and after one wash it curled and became irritating.
My other main issue was the pouch. Even though it is contoured and double-ply, there was not enough space, not even for an average guy like me. Nor did the medium weight material contribute to comfort in this specific area: the double panels, of the pouch and the lining, meet together in a middle seam creating a prominent ridge of fabric running from top to bottom.

Last but not least, I though this particular pair a bit overpriced, at least for what they offered. According to the label, they are made in Bangladesh, which could perfectly well mean good quality at a competitive price. But this did not seem to be the case with the Man Trunks by FU f=fu8. At the time of this review they were retailing at $28.88. The design is very basic and the packaging merely a simple plastic bag, so I’m not sure how the price is justified.

Overall, the Man Trunks by FU f=fu8 were a little disappointing and would not be my first recommendation. But I’m interested to see how this brand evolves…