One of the brands we chose for our shop is L’Homme Invisible. The French fashion house designs some of the most unique underwear you have ever seen in the market. In our store you will find some of their most iconic designs such as their melange grey modal briefs and trunks or the trademark V-Boxer in all black.

L’Homme Invisible has just released one more line from their autumn winter 2018-19 collection. This beautiful range of products is made with a unique. organic lace imported from Italy. The items scream luxury and top quality, something that usually translates to a higher price. We are certain though that many of you wouldn’t mind spending something extra when it comes to underwear! The Viridios line is handcrafted for the male body with the fewest seams possible. The brand is known for creating underwear that feel lightweight and comfortable.

The underwear of Viridios line comes in V-Boxers Push Up, Invisible Boxers and String Striptease cuts. Along with those the brand included a T-shirt in the mix which you can wear as underwear, as well as fancy outerwear. The campaign was photographed in Dublin, Ireland and was directed by the owner of the brand, Sandeep Sahni featuring model Ricardo. His attitude and hyper masculine looks made him the perfect choice to pose in the Viridios line designs.

This new line of the French brand is available from its official e-store. Have a look also at what we have in our shop from this label here.