The latest trend in men’s fashion is multi-purpose clothing. You may have seen quite a few brands releasing athleisure collections (sportswear that you can also wear as streetwear), but we have also seen swimwear that can be worn as underwear, underwear as outerwear and more. One of the brands that has embraced this new trend is Australian 2EROS with their versatile Bondi shorts. We have fallen in love with this style and have been covering every release over the last couple of years or so (check out our previous posts under this search term: Bondi Shorts).

We are obviously not the only ones who like this style and a proof of that is that 2EROS is coming up with new colours and redesigns every now and then. The latest re-release is coming out Monday 2nd July 2018 and includes the best selling shorts in two lengths. The Bondi Shorts are now available in a long and a short version. Join a Bondi lifestyle no matter where you are, wear these shorts to the beach, take a dip in the water or just take in the sun. You can dress them up with a buttoned shirt and stroll over to a bar for a relaxing drink. Designed to stretch, they are also great for the gym.

Enjoy them in action in the photos below taken in the Canary Islands by one of our favourite photographers, Adrian C. Martin. The models are Marcel Gonzalez and Oliver.