French label L’Homme Invisible, launches a new men’s underwear line called Copacabana and welcomes summer in an elegant manner! The Copacabana line comprises strings, hipsters, mini boxers and undershirts in black on white or turquoise on white. The luxury brand created this modern line inspired by the view of the gleaming sea from afar. Indeed, the fabric, which is a top quality, lightweight, microfiber made in Austria has a unique texture resembling a shimmering seascape that the summer sun creates.

The Copacabana T-shirt features a deep V-neck, short sleeves and very discreet branding with black, contrasting, detailing. This tee is perfect as an undershirt or as street wear. The g-string/thong of this line features a contoured pouch, a triangle piece of fabric at the back and two functional fasteners on either side of the pouch. The L’Homme Invisible Copacabana Hipster push up features a U-shaped pouch, lined with a thin, beige colour fabric (made in Italy) to offer a nude illusion while your valuables are safely concealed. The Copacabana miniboxer features a similar to a trunk cut with covered waistband and a back centred seam.