by Triston Brewer

French brand L’Homme Invisible debuts their new Tosca collection, a sexy and sophisticated line that is pitch perfect for the holiday season, featuring baroque patterns made from Italian velvet. The collection is versatile enough for every man to find a piece that works best for them.

L’Homme Invisible – Tosca V Boxer

Men that opt for the Tosca V Boxer will be shocked at the perfect combination of beauty and softness in this Italian product. Boasting reduced seams and a royal velvet fabric, this boxer is a nice and sensual option to consider.

L’Homme Invisible – Tosca String N Strip

Bring the sexy back with the Tosca String N Strip that serves up a sensual tone with an added dash of softness that others fail to match. With a Y-back finish and pockets with pliers, L’Homme Invisible offers these in red, and are well worth the surprise and optimal comfort.

L’Homme Invisible – Tosca Push Up Trunks

Men searching for a refined classic that focuses on shape style need look no further than the Tosca Push Up Trunks. This chic, comfortable option is designed to maximize a man’s body in a minimalist way. Available in red, the Tosca trunks are for the man that is a lover of luxurious underwear.

L’Homme Invisible – Tosca T-Shirt

Finding a t-shirt that is durable and luxurious is a feat that Tosca takes seriously and their plunging V-neck short-sleeved t-shirt offers a modern and sexy look that gives any man a polished and sexy look.