by Triston Brewer

Ava-j, pronounced “Ava Jay”, is a lifestyle brand that completely understands their audience and their business model has led to them carving out a respected niche within the men’s fashion industry. Based in Leeds, the company boasts an impressive line of menswear and accessories that is indicative of their attention to customer’s demands.

By taking a singular approach to production, ava-j has remained true to their mission to design a collection that works for everyone. Their commitment to detail and quality has led to expansion that now includes a skin care line, nightwear, accessories, and of course, underwear. Even their ads keep it real, with their website featuring real men instead of professional models. By staying committed to their fan base, Ava-J aims to be a brand for the sophisticated, modern man.

The company boasts a line of products as part of their business model, all of which are 100% made in Britain as they focus on UK manufacturing. Ava-j believes in creating the optimal shopping experience for their customers, and their website has been produced for optimal quality and each purchase comes thoughtfully wrapped upon shipment.