Today’s Brief Talk is with Tro! What is Tro you may ask?  Where should we start! Tro is a model with incredibly sexy looks, gymnast, acrobat, fitness vlogger and very soon lifestyle blogger for among many others! We met him on tumblr where we were stunned by his photographic work and charmed by his style of writing, high intelligence and amazing sense of humour! Get to know him a bit better by reading the small interview below.

Model Tro (Troy Griffiths)
Tro (Troy Griffiths) by Joey Sbarro.

Name: Tro (Troy Griffiths)
From: Australia
Lives: Melbourne, Australia
Heritage: Gypsy

website: The Official Tro
Facebook: TRO
Tumblr: The Official TRO
Instagram: theofficialtro

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well my name is Tro; I am father to a cat named Effy and enjoy drinking wine while avoiding adult responsibility. I was once a gymnast and had a passion for performing arts but decided first to go to university and study to become a paramedic which I now really enjoy. After completing studies I decided to get back into my passion for creating and circus arts now performing burlesque and aerial hoop/pole. I also write a blog about myself and growing up from country town boy into Melbourne gay culture and all the carious experiences and learning curves which came my way… It’s really good and totally worth a read on my tumblr. I kinda like my mix of serious medical professional and creative nutcase – totally single and looking for an agency for anyone wanting to know (wink).

How did you start modelling?
I started modelling when someone stalked me on Facebook and messaged me with a promotional gig to advertise Manhunt at a summer carnival. I had not really considered becoming a model or even that I was ‘model material’ but after a few gigs and shoots my confidence began to grow and I really started to enjoy it. Now I see it was a great way to market and advance my performing life. I think the two go really well together and have led to some really interesting shoots and opportunities. 

Tro (Troy Griffiths) by Joey Sbarro.

What was your best experience as a model?
My best experience was actually an unpaid shoot I did along with three other dancers. The shoot was all about showing the word the beauty of a dancer’s body no matter the size or shape. Everyone involved was super talented and we shot together basically naked for 8 hours straight. The three other dancers are still good friends and I have shot with the photographer many times after. Also we were painted head to toe in silver so I felt pretty awesome and sci-fi character worthy. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from today?
Oh god I hate this question… I am struggling with where I will be 5 minutes from now. Like a true Gypsy I always crave change and new experiences so I plan to be somewhere exciting and different from where I am today. Creatively I have the blog, modelling and performing I hope to advance further in, hopefully a trip over to New York and L.A. soon; both places I really want to explore.
Career-wise I am considering the trip back to university to complete my medical degree… Doctor by day, model and burlesque performer by night I recon would be pretty cool!

I would hopefully have a husband by that time… provided Australia finally legalises gay marriage by then! And maybe another cat or puppy!

Troy Griffiths by Keith Persall.

Troy Griffiths by Keith Persall.

Time to talk underwear! How often do you shop for underwear?
I do a fair amount of online shopping for undies and swimmers, a lot of the time there tends to be some really good sales and there are so many amazing designers who do not stock retail stores. I do like finding some unique styles and patterns which tend to be more available online.
In saying that I am one to drop into Kmart to buy a 5 pack of cheap undies to wear at the gym etc.

What is you favourite underwear style and colour?
I don’t really have a favourite so I guess all depends upon the situation!
Gym, tight boring briefs; going out, maybe a brief or small trunk with a cool pattern and bold waistband… just in case I need to show them off! In bed, boxers; performing, really tight briefs under my costume so I don’t have any “accidental ball appearances”!
Colours vary with my mood, I do tend to go for bright colours and prints with my undies even if they are just for the gym. I kinda like being at work and knowing that under my boring and dull uniform I have something bright and colourful! 

Any favourite brands?
I am obsessed with Slickitup at the moment; they do not only underwear but a lot of undergarments, harnesses and swimmers – they currently have some amazing metallic prints that I am obsessed with… if anyone from reads this contact me!
Other brands currently in my collection include: Bonds, aussieBum, Andrew Christian, Charlie by Matthew Zink, Funky Trunks, CK, Nasty Pig, Speedo, Obviously… I think thats it… I have two drawers full of underwear haha!

Tro (Troy Griffiths) by JD Lakhiani.

Tro (Troy Griffiths) by Nick Hemsley.

Troy Griffiths by Trent Chadwick.
Tro (Troy Griffiths) by Andrew Guillaume.

Tro (Troy Griffiths) by Joey Sbarro.

Model: Tro (Troy Griffiths)
Photographers: Joey Sbarro, Keith Persall, Trent Chadwick, JD Lakhiani, Nick Hemsley, Andrew Guillaume.

A huge thanks to Tro for the interview and the great photos!