We only recently discover Ken Wroy. The new, at least to us, men’s underwear brand is based in the USA and creates some beautiful (and very colourful) garments. The most recent collection is called Brazil Fever and as you can imagine is inspired by Brazil with references to its culture, life style and landmarks. Here is what the brand itself has to say about the new collection:

“With all eyes on Brazil, we recently launched our microfiber collection ‘Brazil Fever’. We took inspirations from the pavements of Copacabana to the birds of Amazon, from the Favelas to the Jesus of Rio.”

You will find four different cuts in this collection (briefs, boxer briefs, trunks and lowrise) and six different prints all described in the very informative picture below, along with the the idea that invoked each of Ken Wroy’s exclusive designs. To promote the new collection the brand collaborated with Capoeira artists Alisson Silveira and Bohasha Porto. There is also a backstage video which you can watch here.

If you too like what you see, visit the website of Ken Wroy and grab a pair or two.