This underwear suggestion is sponsored by Deal by Ethan.

The Ergowear MAX Cotton collection includes our underwear suggestion of the day, the Ergowear MAX Cotton Boxer, which boasts an advanced ergonomic design coupled with the natural feel of noble cotton fibres. The MAX pouch of the MAX Cotton Boxer has a unique 3-dimensional, nose-shaped design that gently lifts your anatomy and provides sufficient room for your genitals to stay in place without being too confining or tight. The rear and legs are designed to follow the exact shape of a man’s body, providing adequate support to every muscle and a natural fit. You can wear it all year round in any climate. The MAX Cotton Boxer is made using a lightweight and highly elastic cotton-based fabric that adapts to your body’s shape, thanks to the addition of Spandex. Cotton is a widely used fibre in clothing, and Ergowear has selected an exceptionally lightweight fabric that comes as close as possible to microfiber but in cotton.

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