As our Sunday treat, we have the pleasure to show you the latest work of hugely talented fashion photographer Ivan Oliva. The latest model featured by the young Spaniard is Cristo Suárez. Cristofer Suarez Marrero is a fitness and body building enthusiast. He has a very interesting face and a flawless physique and we think he could become the perfect model for many underwear and swimwear brands. In the editorial photos below is seen posing in swimwear designs by Australian label Marcuse.

Enjoy the great photography of Ivan Oliva and the lovely setting he chose for the shoot. And if the full moon yesterday messed up with your mood a bit, everything is water under the bridge! Enjoy your Sunday!

Photographer: Ivan Oliva
Model: Cristo Suárez
Swimwear: Marcuse
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.​