We are quite excited to expand the collection of jewellery and accessories from Zosimi Beads a little more at Men and Underwear – The Shop with three new fantastic leather bracelets! As you may have guessed by the name, this is not an underwear brand but accessories one and, more specifically, jewellery. The brand’s founder is Sandra Lindahl, a love immigrant to Greece from Sweden. Sandra gets inspired by the beauty of beads, threads and colours to create unique, handmade items with vibrancy and a bit of bling which we all love!

The first of three new bracelets is the Leather Bracelet – Black and Aqua Blue. This is made with leather and glass beads combining black with aqua blue in a beautiful colour combination that is both masculine and diverse. The second is the Leather Bracelet – Turquoise with Black and Picasso Smoky Black Beads. This amazing bracelet is made with a turquoise leather cord, black matt beads and Picasso smoky black glass beads. The third is the Leather Bracelet – Black Lava Stones. This is a leather bracelet in antique brown matched with black lava stones. Not only are lava stones attractive to look at, but their porous surface can also be used as diffusers for essential oils. Put a drop or two on them, and you will have a lovely fragrance with you that is slowly released over time. Lava strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth and is considered a grounding stone. It gives strength and courage, reduces anxiety and helps with stability in times of change.

Take a look at the two new bracelets below, and if you like what you see, visit the Zosimi Beads space in our shop and buy one or more for yourself or someone you love!