It’s time you bought that underwear you had in your wish list or stock up with some of your favourite styles! Our annual Winter Sale and the first big sale of 2021 has just started and everything at Men and Underwear – The Shop, apart from the latest arrivals from Adam Smith, is now on sale between 20% and 40% off! Underwear, swimwear and socks from CODE 22, Andrew Christian, Barcode Berlin, Bluebuck, Kale Owen, Joe Snyder and Walking Jack, but also the pop up store space of Ultimo Bacio, for just a week, have been reduced by 20%. There is no need for a coupon code, the prices are already reduced with a convenient countdown to inform you how much time there is left before the sale ends. Furthermore, the items of Matt James have been further reduced to 40% off, which means you can now get a pair of their designer briefs for just 5.40 euros! We expect stocks to sell out fast so you are strongly advised to place your orders as soon as possible! Below are just a few of the items, currently on sale but there are dozens more for you to choose from. Ready… Steady… start shopping now!

Andrew Christian - Trophy Boy Score BriefBarcode Berlin - Singlet LuckenwaldeMarcuse underwear - Empire Jock RedWalking Jack underwear - Aggelos by CanthosCODE 22 underwear - Army Breifs CamoBluebuck underwear navy-blue-recycled-mens-briefKale Owen - Micro Brief HibiscusJoe Snyder Underwear - Mens Bikini Pink