This year marks the tenth anniversary of Thessaloniki’s Pride event and it is bigger than ever. The northern Greece city, the second largest of the European country has a bustling LGBTQ+ community and an increasingly diverse population. It’s also becoming a big tourist destination offering unique culinary experiences, a vast and diverse range of cafes, bars and clubs, alongside numerous museums, tourist attractions, and an amalgam of Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history. Moreover Thessaloniki has been for 5 years the home of Men and Underwear and the place where we set up our shop, one of the biggest men’s underwear shops now in Europe.

Our shop has joined forces with the local Pride, actively supporting it as a sponsor and organising its first ever underwear fashion show. The Fashion show, held last night, was a joined effort with Kamasutra sex shops. We had a full house at Urania Rooftop, a very cute bar with an urban terrace, six models (3 guys and 3 girls) and a nice little range of underwear to show the crowd. Our event kick-started the Pride celebrations this year, which was a huge honour for us.

The underwear we chose for the show was The Pride Briefs of Barcode Berlin, the Pride Camouflage Briefs of Andrew Christian, the Geometric Briefs of Adam Smith, the Pink BTFlies Briefs of M:R, the French Bikini of TOF Paris, the Inverted Floral Briefs of M:R, the Ash Briefs of Walking Jack, the Bluebird Solid Briefs by Walking Jack, and the Letters Briefs by Walking Jack.

Below are the first photos and videos from the show! A lot more are coming soon!

Photographer: Ore
Models: Alex, Dimitra, Polina, Stathis, Tasos and Thenia.
Underwear: Men and Underwear – The Shop and Kamasutra.
Location: Urania Rooftop.

Thessaloniki Pride - Men and Underwear Fashion Show 2022

@menandunderwear Our Fashion Show at Urania Rooftop in collaboration with @Kama Sutra(Polina) fot the 10th #thesspride Model is @Stathis Kapravelos in @walkingjack #menandunderwear #pride #thessaloniki #fyp #skg ♬ original sound – menandunderwear

@menandunderwear Our Fashio Show at Urania Rooftop in collaboration with for the 10th #thesspride Models are Alex, Dimitra and Tasos in underwear by M:R and @walkingjack #underwearshow #mrunderwear #walkingjack #pride #catwalk #fyp #realmodel #lgbtq ♬ SHIMMY SONGTRADR 30 HIT WONDER – Artist manager manager

Thess Pride - Model Tasos in Adam Smith underwear

Thess Pride - Model Alex in TOF Paris bikini

Thess Pride - Model Stathis in Walking Jack underwear

Thessaloniki Pride - Men and Underwear Fashion Show 2022 02