We are delighted to announce that one more brand has been added to our own men’s underwear shop! The brand is from the UK and is Matt James. They are new to the market and they make some very nice boxer briefs indeed! If you are a fan of long boxer briefs in classic colours with a fully functional fly, then you will fall in love with Matt James! We have in stock three styles from their first ever collection: Black with black waistband, black with silver waistband and white with silver waistband. One of the styles, the white boxer briefs comes in a very special introductory price of 9.90 euros! The other two styles retail for 14.50 and come in a beautiful packaging, a collectable and reusable tin.

To celebrate the launch of one more brand to our store (this is the sixth brand we bring in our store) we invited BigShotMedia and model Zach LeDrew to pose in one of the new designs, the black  boxer briefs with the silver waistband. We thank both guys for the great material they produced, they are lovely people to work with!