The brand we are going to talk about today is Marc Skid. The brand launched earlier his year as a premium, eco-friendly underwear brand with a passion for bettering the world. It teamed up with nine top-rated Charity Navigator charities that support the brand’s mantra to feed, save and cure the world.

Their first underwear collection is made from an organic pima cotton blend fabric. For the waistband, Marc Skid paired up with REPREVE® to use polyester made from recycled water bottles, incorporating the equivalent of one water bottle in each waistband. The collection comprises underwear for men and women in four colours: blue, green, red and white. Each colour supports a branch of Marc Skid’s platform – green underwear funds feeding the world, blue supports saving the world, red supports charities that cure the world and white gives customers the option to choose any affiliated charity. Marc Skid donates $4 from each purchase to one of nine Charity Navigator Four Star charity partners of your choice.

Dan Barry, owner and creator of Marc Skid, said:

When surveying Marc Skid’s target audience, we found that people value choice when it comes to giving back […] By allowing our customers the option of donating to one of nine charities, our brand is allowing people to personally connect with a cause and have more say in where their money goes.


Have a look at the underwear in the promo photos below and get more information in the brand’s website at You can follow Marc Skid on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share your story on social media with #MadeMyMarc.

Each pair of underwear is made with organic pima cotton, which is GMO-free and hand picked in Peru. Additionally, Marc Skid paired up with REPREVE® to use recycled polyester made from recycled water bottles – incorporating one water bottle in each waistband.