Are you all set for the new year? Today we will present the six new male underwear ranges for the new year just released by Croota. What we mostly love about Croota is that their underwear is super comfortable and so much different. Their creations in fabric patterns are unique as well as the waistband design. Read on below and enjoy the pictures. Feel free to leave your comments on which of these new ranges you like best. We love them all!

With the “90s Neon Hipster” lo-rise brief (retail price $ 2.90) and the “Neon Brief” ($22.50) ranges, you can add some fluorescent 90s colour and comfort with the 50% viscose, 45% polyester and 5% elastane combination that provides for breathable all-day wear. The luxurious satin silver waistband only adds to the comfort! Both ranges are available in blue gray and light gray.

Croota underwear neon briefs

Croota underwear neon hipster

The sharp lines of the “Night Angles” range ($22.90) add a visual aspect to your manhood that should never be overlooked. Not to mention how great you’ll look from behind, as well! The Croota Comfort Waistband also adds style to the dimensions of the boxer brief with an 8-bit inspired graphic. The range is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and is available in chocolate with a blue check pattern and in midnight blue with a red check pattern.

Another two ranges released for the 2014 collection include the “Angular Pattern Hipster” ($22.90) and the “Angular Pattern Brief” ($22.50). With these ranges, turning back the clock never looked so good! Borrowing from the classic Houndstooth pattern, and adding a splash of 8-bit graphics, you are presented with one fantastic pair of underwear! The detail in Croota’s Comfort Waistband continues in this range with the inspiration found from early computer graphics so popular in early video games. The ranges are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and are available in both sky and royal blues.

Croota underwear Angular pattern briefs

Croota underwear Angular pattern hipster

The final range released for 2014 is the “Garden Grove” boxer ($23.90). When you’re having a great day, you tend to see the beauty in the smallest details. Spend enough time driving along any Southern California freeway, and you’ll see how shrubs are used to disguise highway sound barriers. This print is inspired by the simple beauty found along daily drives around California. Croota’s handwritten name is disguised as leaves, and the Croota four Color Comfort band caps it off. Add a little foliage to your wardrobe – no water required. The “Garden Grove” boxer is made from 95% cotton and 5% cotton, is available in navy blue and nutmeg, and retails for $23.90.

Croota underwear garden grove boxers

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A huge thanks to Croota for giving us the rights to use the pictures. 
Underwear brand: Croota

Photographer: Alexander Malikov
Model: Matvey Voskrebentsev