We are pleased to host Adam Coussins in our Brief Talk today! The English model has built quite an impressive career in the industry with a huge number of collaborations with underwear brands and stores. Simon Barnes, Dylan Rosser, Paul Dedona and Gilles Crofta are just a few of many photographers he worked with over the past few years for official campaigns, editorials and magazine features. Among his works in the underwear industry, one that really stands out is his ongoing collaboration with UK based store Dead Good Undies. In the, exclusive to Men and Underwear, Q&A below Adam talks about how he started modelling, fatherhood, his plans for the future and, of course, the underwear he prefers!

Adam Coussins photographed by Mark Bruce.

Name: Adam Coussins
From: Derby, England, UK

Website: www.onlyfans.com/adamcoussins
Facebook: Adam Coussins
Twitter: @adamcoussins
Instagram: @adam.coussins

Hello Adam! We are very excited to have you in our Brief Talk. Could you please tell our readers how did you get into modelling?

Hello guys! I got approached via Facebook, honestly was an eye opener but has shaped me as a person. I have met many many people and my view on the world is very open minded.

From your very first shoot until now, which would you say was your best experience as a model?

They are all very different… seen some very nice places!

Adam Coussins photographed by Gilles Crofta. Adam is wearing PUMP! underwear.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself, for example, in five years from today?

Five years… hopefully still active! Well, that’s my plan but will there be the demand? Training has to keep going and diet a lot. It’s not a job it’s life; I’m investing now for the future for when all this is a distant memory. I will be a father by then with a daughter approaching 5 (he smiles) so hopefully raise her correctly and offer her a nice life, but of course she must find her own feet and path in life.

Time to talk underwear! Our readers have been waiting for this! How often do you shop new underwear?

I buy a lot! Of course I get freebies (he smiles). Mostly I order off DeadGoodUndies website, I have worked for them of course. Great people!

Adam Coussins photographed by Adam Davies for Dead Good Undies. Adam is wearing HOM underwear.

We bet you have tried on hundreds of different underwear! Do you have any favourite underwear styles?

Mostly I wear Next brand, the A fronts. But I do wear underwear some thongs or jocks for my fans… and send to them.

Do you have any other favourite brands?

Well I like Next but I know they are not for everyone. British Boxers brand is good also!

Thank you Adam, it was a real pleasure talking to you!

Thank you!

Adam Coussins photographed by Adam Davies for the British Boxers brand launch at Dead Good Undies.