Men and Underwear has just received the first collection of Fall Winter 2023-24 season – the Power Collection of CODE 22. Featuring bulge-enhancing underwear with a keyhole pocket inside the pouch and padding, this line provides a fuller and rounder look. The collection includes briefs and trunks in four masculine colours: black, grey, navy, and red. The front padding can be removed if too much volume is not desired, while the keyhole pocket remains for enhancement. This unique feature was first introduced by the Spanish brand a few years ago, and it was a massive success. Michel Messara, the designer, reworked the styles and reintroduced them for this season in bold and easy-to-wear hues. It’s exciting to see the line relaunched, and it could very well become a regular collection of CODE 22 every year. Check out the new colours below, and if you like what you see, head over to the CODE 22 section of our shop to get some for yourself!