We are quite excited to show you one more new line from Australian brand Marcuse, just released as a part of their Winter 2022/23 collection and Men and Underwear – Tne Shop is among the first retailers to stock it. The new line is called Hercule, and it draws inspiration from the myth of Hercules, inviting us all to use and show our inner strength whenever needed. The Hercule line comprises briefs and jockstraps in three prints we instantly fell in love with: two camouflage (one black, one blue) and a black-on-black chevron-like pattern. The fabric is very soft, and the prints are vivid and well-made. The waistband is another pleasant surprise from the brand as it is a never-seen-before waistband from Marcuse with the logo made from stripes of silicone with a tiny touch of glitter in them. This is visible only when you get close to the garment, so anyone who comes close to your waistband is up for a nice surprise! The briefs are a tanga-style silhouette used heavily in this season’s collection. There is coverage front and back, but the sides are open, so less material makes the garment lighter and more breathable. On the back of the briefs, you will find the trademark fabric loop to hang the underwear dry at the gym or any hanger. The jockstraps feature the same front as the briefs, a nice contoured pouch unlined with tidy seams. The leg straps are black in all three prints matching the waistband.

Take a look at some product shots below of the new Hercule Briefs and Jockstraps by Marcuse. If you like what you see, please visit the Marcuse section of our eShop and get yourself some!