One of the best selling and most sought after underwear collections of last season is back by CODE 22! The collection is the Army Line which comprises briefs, jocks and trunks in two camo patterns, khaki and grey. We have just received both colour ways in store and we expect these to run out very fast like the first time we brought them in. The fabric is a perforated polyester, an athletic mesh which allows the skin to breath and feels amazingly cool.

The Army Briefs is a square cut camouflage briefs style. The pouch is wide and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. The design features a camo print body with matching piping on either side of the pouch. The waistband is super soft and features the CODE 22 logo in a retro, army style to match the overall design, with stripes and stars. At the back there is a military graphic with three chevrons and a star. The Army Boxers is a square cut camouflage trunks style, one of the best selling underwear styles of CODE 22. Expect the same comfort in the pouch and the same design details just like in the briefs. The Army Jockstrap also has the same pouch design and the leg straps are matching perfectly the waistband. One style that we only have in the grey camo is the backless briefs. This is a limited edition style that CODE 22 doesn’t produce regularly. This of course makes it a collectible, plus it is amazingly sexy! The cut is a brief at the front with an open back , similar to a jock but instead of legstraps you get panels of fabric hugging your buttocks.

Take a look at some product shots of all the items currently available below. If you like what you see, you can visit the CODE 22 section of our eShop and get yourself a pair or two. We deliver worldwide by registered post or DHL Express and at very good rates!

Code 22 underwear - Army Briefs Camo 1971-29_front CODE 22 underwear Army Boxer Camo 1972-29_front CODE 22 underwear - Army Jockstrap Camo 1973-29_side Code 22 underwear - Army Briefs Camo Grey 1971-30_side CODE 22 underwear Army Boxer Camo Grey 1972-30_front CODE 22 underwear - Army Jockstrap Camo Grey 1973-30_side Code 22 underwear - Army Backless Briefs Camo Grey 1975-30_side